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1.  Do I get the patterns and the sewing course?

Yes! Children's patterns come in letter size format for the USA and Canada and DIN A4 format for the rest of the world. For the ladies patterns you get multi-size patterns with an added A0 file.

2. Your patterns come in lots of files. Why is that?

When I taught sewing courses the standard multi-size patterns were difficult to use. There wasn't enough space and they were very flimsy. So I practically did what others call 'layering' only I went a step further and separated the pattern sizes. Now each size has its own file, preventing a lot of paper waste. Just print the size you need. (Please note that ladies patterns come as multi-size patterns)

3.I bought my pattern on, how do get access to the updated patterns and video courses?

No problem at all! I just need the email used for the purchase and I can add all the patterns to your account. So sign up here, and send me an email. 

4. Why do you have two sites anyway:  The academy and is my first site and it has all the bells and whistles of a great store. It did however not provide a satisfactory platform for all my videos. That is why I established the academy as the place which combines both, a brilliant place to take my sewing courses to another level and give my customers a much better experience.

5. This site is in English, do you still do German instructions?

Yes! Unfortunately it will take me quite a while to translate this site! Whilst the site is in English the patterns and of course videos, come in both English and German. 

6. Do you offer beginner sewing courses?

I am working on several singing and dancing courses now, which will combine a number of patterns and give you many basic sewing skills. For now please enroll in our free Sewing 101 course for all the basics.

7. Do you do pattern drafting courses?

We are working on those for you too. As with most things I have to concentrate on pattern creation and the courses for those. I am adding free courses for methods all the time so make sure you sign up to the Academy before you forget.

Still have a question? 

Tell us below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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